17 September 2008

Bad Design: A Reminder to Document

Brian Walker writes about SQL Server database design disasters: What not to do. Unfortunately, these design failings are all too common. We all take different things from articles; my tangent is about a lack of documentation.

As a nerd, I would much rather do the fun part--creating, troubleshooting or anything else that requires thought. As a consultant, time and time again I have seen poor designs that are compounded by a lack of documentation. Not determining standards and and conventions, you facilitate others mutating a design with their own habits. Even if you have a poor system, the maintenance of it can be helped by documentation. Poor and consistent is a far cry better than poor and inconsistent. That makes it generally referred to as 'awful.'

It really does not take much time to document your approach. Simple documentation to outline the what and the why--even just a paragraph or two--might save countless hours down the line. Bad design is often perpetuated by lack of formalizing the business process. The least that a good database designer (or architect, if you prefer (I do--who doesn't want to be an architect?)) can do is document their approach; a naming convention document and a data dictionary. It is also important to do this before, during and after the design/implementation. Saying you will do it later typically means a rushed deadline is justification for not documenting (yeah, I have used that excuse too). Perhaps writing it out will key you into a couple weaknesses of your design... And wouldn't that make that horrible documentation process worthwhile?

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