21 April 2008

MySQL User Conference

Planet MySQL was a flurry of activity last week with all the coverage from the MySQL User Conference. It looks like there were some interesting presentations covering all facets of the database world.

Two sets of notes on Best Practice for DBAs can be found here and here. Continuing on the fundamentals, backups were discussed a couple of times

Scaling received a lot of coverage; scaling, scaling heavy concurrent writes, partitioning and scaling and InnoDB multi-core scaling. With presentations on clustering and even tuning clusters. Even an explanation of 'explain'.

Design tips (and Services Oriented Architecture with PHP and MySQL), future design hurdles, and security were not skipped.

They did not fail to cover Falcon as well The Future Of MySQL. I am sure that more can be found at Planet MySQL, these are just the ones that caught my eye. Good to see MySQL growing in the sun.

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