08 February 2008

HyperTable Arrives

HyperTable version 0.9 Alpha has been released. This is very cool technology. It would be even better to see something like this released for the Relation Model.

And, yes... Part of me does feel awkward referring to this as 'database technology.' Much like 'unstructured data,' my initial reaction is borderline annoyance... Like all things, we need to understand before we criticize. I need to quit projecting 'relational' every time I hear 'database.' I will grow and adapt. I will not fear when I read sentences like 'This is, of course, a very limited example, there could easily be hundreds of columns of data for each row.' I will understand the context in lieu of screaming, 'Six to eight! Normalize that shit!'

Maybe in a decade or so when distributed relational computing is available, people will start coming to terms with the fact that miscommunication can come from assuming that you are speaking the same language. Taking that to its logical conclusion will end all war. Wow... I guess I am getting way off base.

HyperTable is sexy... yet, not relational... This is very confusing... I have to go now.

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