15 January 2008

Oracle Issues Patches for the 33% That Patch

Oracle realeases 27 patches for their product line.

In related news, a majority of Oracle DBA's don't care!

I have met Oracle DBA's that are guilty of this. Part of this, I feel, is media sensationalism. If your database server is on the inside, it may not be a huge issue; that is what network security is about. 99.98% of corporate users do not password protect their documents! But if the outside world can access your data, it is an issue. The past few years have shown us the need for more pro-active security.

Another side of that would be Oracle's patch track record. Their patches are not always what DBA's consider successful. But part our job as DBA's is to protect the data.

So are you guilty of not patching your production environments in a timely manner?

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