21 December 2007

IBM's Solid Stance in Memory

IBM is acquiring Solid Information Technology for the in-memory database product:
IBM buys database software firm Solid Information

IBM Buys Database Software Firm

MySQL in the firing line again as IBM snaps up SolidDB--Hopefully IBM's open source initiative will override its DB2 centric mindset, as a comment pointed out while linking a reference.

A few years ago DB2 had the second largest market share in the DBMS world--not sure if that still holds (Anyone?
This is the most recent article I can find siting numbers, but this has more figures though it is older). Oracle is still well seated in the world of web applications, but larger institutions still trust Sybase and DB2 more (is that vendor faith, or [don't want]/[not economically viable] to migrate?). Of course, Sybase has a very dwindling share of the market. I am curious to see how MySQL has fared in the past year with its growing popularity and release 5 making it that much more of a contender. I would think (and sort of hope) that they have been edging out Oracle. End of tangent.

In any event, it is good to see IBM continuing to adapt; not an easy feat for a giant company.

Also in IBM news,
"IBM Finding Business Uses for Virtual World".

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